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Seven to eight percent of a typical Medicare Advantage plan population uses the VA in a given year. This care is generally invisible to Medicare Advantage plans. BeneLynk solves this challenge, giving MAOs documentation of care their members receive through the VA.

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“Interoperability with private sector is essential for Veterans to have care that is informed and integrated with non-VHA providers.”
Department of Veterans Affairs, Blueprint for Excellence, 2014


Finding and engaging Veterans in an MA population is an important first step in BeneLynk's services. We employ a multifaceted outreach campaign designed to meet this goal. We integrate with existing communications and conduct a robust dedicated outreach campaign. All of our outreach efforts are driven by our proprietary algorithm which indicates Veteran prevalence based on demographic factors.


- BeneLynk Representatives provide phone-based outreach to identify and engage members in the records request process. Member engagement continues through the portal, mail, or follow-up phone calls.


VA Enrollment

8.8% of current Medicare Advantage enrollees are also enrolled in Veterans Administration health benefits.

Making it easier

We want to make it easier for Veterans to get the services they may need and understand others that they may know little or nothing about. Our information will help Veterans who may not know where to start as they look for information on community services or advocates who can help them with the VA. Providing this information is our way of saying thank you for their service to our country.


We use proprietary algorithms and big data sources coupled with member-centric outreach to find the Veterans in your population. Learn More


Many senior Veterans are not aware of all the benefits available to them both through the VA and their local communities. We help inform and guide them to resources appropriate for their needs. Learn More


Our programs and process are designed to make coordinating care easier for the Veteran-Member.

For Medicare Advantage

These combined records also serve as a valuable tool to the Medicare Advantage Plan who may not be aware of conditions being treated only at the VA. They now have the power of care management that includes information they would not otherwise have known about.

For Veterans

Understanding the information related to the care they receive at the VA will be combined with their Medicare Advantage records assures them that all their information is available as a complete profile of their care.


When MA-Members access care at the VA, too often the MA plan does not receive information about the treatment. We build a reliable reporting avenue to get the MA plan the information they need.

Reporting Avenues
  • We open avenues of communication allowing the VA to share encounter information with BeneLynk and the MA plan.
  • Information on encounters allows MA plans to engage appropriate clinical management.
  • We obtain the VA treatment records Medicare Advantage Plans need to understand all the care Veteran-Members are receiving.
  • Screening, examination, and treatment information from care provided at the VA is transmitted to the MA plan. This results in more accurate reporting and improved Medicare Star Rating.


We provide the crucial communication link between Medicare Advantage Plans, their Veteran Members and the Veterans Administration. Learn More


We secure treatment information detailing care provided to Medicare Advantage Members at the VA. This enables plans to get the supplemental data they need to understand the Veterans in their population. Learn More

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BeneLynk helps Managed Care Organizations better serve their veteran member population by establishing a link between the isolated worlds of Medicare and the Veterans Administration.
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